Hi Folks! hope you all doing good so I am back with another amazing way of bypassing the WAF which is blocking me from weaponizing the XSS, Without wasting any time let get started.

The XSS part is very simple my input is reflecting inside the HREF in <a> e.g <a href=”https://example.com/home/leet”>Home</a>

Escaping from href is very simple my payload leet” onmouseover=alert(1)” now when I move my mouse over the link the XSS is popup this is very simple & basic.

It’s time to do something BIG!!! Now I am checking all the endpoints of the WebApp that disclosing the sensitive information which I can steal from XSS and show to impact to the TEAM, so after checking all the request I came to know that on every request there is CSRF TOKEN header is present, so I need to steal that token and then need to send the request using fetch to weaponize the XSS. …

Saad Ahmed

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